We’re Beta Testing!

We’re giving away free Airetes licenses until the first official release date: don’t miss it!

Airetes is now in its final development phase, and if you want to have an insight of how it will be just join the team and dowload it. We’re giving away free yearly licenses until the first official version of Airetes will be released, around mid January 2015. To get your working copy of Airetes at the current stage of development:

  1. Download Airetes on your PC:
  2. run it (you know, double click on the downloaded file and so on..): it will install Airetes on your system;
  3. run the freshly installed Airetes.
  4. (optional): get a license here.

Please Note: THE LICENSE IS FREE OF CHARGE: licence costs are only placeholders to test the actual site functionalities and navigation paths:  you won’t be asked to provide any payment detail (just an email where we can send the license key) and in the confirmation page you’ll see the following row:


Warning: Airetes software is provided “as-is” without warranties of any kind.  Airetes functionalities are subject to change or removal without notice.