What’s inside

The Airetes System encompass a full set of features to manage your documents: easy document files adding and retrieving, physical archive management, document relations support. 

Adding documents

Adding the documents is the first step of using the Airetes System. In order to support different situations and to provide the easiest path for everyone,  multiple channels are provided:


  • One-by-one: each digitalized document can be inserted as one or more images or PDF. A rich set of metadata can be specified, including the category the doc belongs to, the issue date , an arbitrary number of annotations and tags, the position in the physical archive (in case of paper based documents), and many more. Airetes supports relationships between documents: as an example, a bill can be associate with its payment receipt, even if each one is managed in the system as a complete indipendent and self contained record.
  • Massive import: maybe you already have a structured archive on your disk, and the one-by-one option is not suitable because too time consuming: Airetes includes the possibility of a massive import of the whole archive with just one click. Documents can adopt a (customizable) default set of metadata or can be detailed on a group basis or individually.
  • Dropbox: when in a hurry, just drop the doc files in a specific (and customizable) folder on your PC and Airetes will import them as new ones. Specific metadata can be added or modified at a later time.
  • Remote import: Airetes can be easily configured to download sigle or multipage documents from an email address, leaving to you only the definition of the document details. Downloaded documents can be imported directly (and modified later, if needed), or just put into a staging area to be verified and added to the system once checked.
  • Autotagging (experimental): each added document can be tagged automatically using the embedded tagging engine. The tags are defined based on other metadata, on the document filename and, if available, on the archive position.

Any record added to Airetes can be modified anytime: the whole set of metadata, the related documents, the included  images or PDF (including the page order!) and the position within the physical archive can be easily updated.

Extracting documents

Once a document has been added to the Airetes System, it can be retrieved and viewed in multiple ways:


  • Standard Search: Airetes provides a powerful tool that enables the efficient search of the document database. The search criteria include all the data related to the document and can be mixed together to allow more fine grained searches (or to get the whole archive!). Tags based searches are fully supported, as well as full text search within description and annotations.
  • Physical Archive Search: aside from standard document search, it is possible to perform a visual search within the archive, identifing all the documents contained in a specific position (see below).

Whatever search method you’re going to choose, for each retrieved document is available a specific details page containing all the information added to the document (relations, annotations, tags…) since its first acquisition. And all can be edited!

Physical archive management

big_archive_managePaper documents need to be kept somewhere. Airetes offers a specific feature to integrate a representation of your physical archive (a collection of well ordered binders, a shelf in the garage, a pile of boxes or anything else) within the system, allowing you to quickly find the paper evidence whenever you need to.

Once added into the Airetes System, you’ll be able to have a complete view of your archive contents with the desired level of aggregation. The detailed list of each folder contents can be generated anytime and used to check the consistency between the archive model in the System and the real one: no more losses!

The Dashboard

Last but not least, the Airetes System provides you with a dashboard to keep everything under control. From the Dashboard you’ll have access to:


  • Priority documents: when adding a document to Airetes you can specify that it needs some kind of action (a bill to be payed, or an important letter to be answered, for example) by prioritizing it. The list of this kind of document will appear on the Dashboard, allowing you not to miss a deadline anymore!
  • Staging documents: all imported documents not automatically added to the system are visible here: verifying all the details and moving them into the database wuold be a matter of seconds.